Interesting insights

  • Mar 23, 2018

Putting out fires all day doesn't always allow us the time to step back and gain perspective for the longer term vision for our staff and customers.  

We all know that things are constantly evolving:  why and how consumers are buying seems to be a moving target.  This has all evolved because of a combination of technology, data, and organizational goals. (see Harvard Business Review March 2018)

"To become a living business, companies should expand their thinking to include the following five P’s as well: purposepridepartnershipprotection, and personalization."

  1. Purpose: Customers feel the company shares and advances their values.
  1. Pride: Customers feel proud and inspired to use the company’s products and services.
  1. Partnership: Customers feel the company relates to and works well with them.
  1. Protection: Customers feel secure when doing business with the company.

  2. Personalization: Customers feel their experiences with the company are continuously tailored to their needs and priorities.

In this Forbes article, "Do Americans really care about Sustainability", it discusses Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as being the "new religion" of millennials.  It notes research shows 75% of customers take CSR into account when making purchase decisions.

Customers will choose brands most relevant to them.  How are you communicating to your customers with your branded merchandise?

Being relevant to our staff and customers means aligning our actions with our vision.  And our vision needs to consider equity for all, people and planet, in order to ensure the long term growth and viability of our companies.