ABOUT Ethical Swag

We live in a global economy.  Goods are coming from all over the world, which has created opportunities for many.  But how do we know that these opportunities are not at the expense of people and/or the planet?   
At Ethical Swag, we only work with suppliers that have passed strict audits related to social compliance, environmental impact, product safety, supply chain security and product quality.  We look for sustainable goods which includes recycled content/organic/biodegradable/etc., we watch carbon footprint when shipping and make sure there is no green washing with our suppliers.  It can be complicated, but you don't have to worry about it, that's our job!  
For us, it's not about more "stuff".  It is about buying what we need in a way that helps our businesses grow while making sure nobody suffers. Ethical Swag is providing an alternative to the promotional products that you are currently buying because we do know that a tangible branded product, especially in today's virtual world, is a powerful marketing tool. We provide the sustainable choice so your brand can shine!
You will find a selection of items on our site, but not too much!  We have vetted it for quality, price and all the things that are important to you.  We stand behind what we sell and are always looking for new and innovative products as well as the "tried, tested and true" swag that we know works.
We want to meet you where you are..... no judgement.  We offer a good/better/best approach to sourcing products to ensure there are options, no matter what your budget, and are happy to share with you the criteria for product selection - just ask!
We want to hear from you.  Feedback is always welcome. Are you looking for something specific? Email or call us!  The door is always open.
We are building a different kind of business. If you want to learn more, check it out.


About Our Founder Tara Milburn

Tara has been around for a while 😉 and has witnessed first hand the disconnect between what brands stand for and the products that bear their logo.  She wanted to make it easy to find and buy the products that best reflect your values because she knows how tough it can be!

Tara was not interested in growing the industry of promotional products, but rather wanted to provide alternatives to the money already being spent.

She doesn't come from this industry.  Tara spent over 25 years working for global brands in professional sport, international events, government and tech start-ups.  Across all sectors, she recognized the need to provide swag that better represented the values of the purchaser.  She also recognized the opportunity for impact by directing a percentage of a company's marketing spend in a way that "pays it forward".

Tara is active in the business, working everyday to build a different kind of organization; one that reflects the importance of balancing people, planet and profit in a sustainable way.  








Our work, your success, global benefit.



Customer Privacy Policy

Ethical Swag collects customer information on our secure website in order to fulfill requests related to product and/or service delivery and to inform the development of new products and services. Client information is never shared publicly or with any organizations that are not directly related to the sales and business activities of Ethical Swag.

Customers have the option to opt out at any time of any electronic marketing communications.