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Ethical Swag makes it easy to build Loyalty and Brand Awareness with clients and staff by providing the most useful, current and desirable high-quality ethically sourced Promotional Products - or as we prefer to call it - Swag!


We have built into our DNA a focus on People and Planet. We want to meet you where you are so we have developed a rating system for all the products - Good/Better/Best. Most importantly, we focus on the entire supply chain to ensure so if "Good" is where your budget is right now - no problem! You will find a product that has been vetted for social compliance and environmental stewardship. If you want more information on exactly what we mean by Good/Better/Best please message us and we can provide all the details.


Our goal is to provide alternatives to the Swag you are already buying: high-quality items that fit with your budget and showcase your brand. Let your purchase show your purpose!


Here is what Ethical Swag can do for your Business:



Swag Packs


Virtual Events - Convert Attendees to Customers


We are all feeling it. Physical distance forced all of us to rethink our events and engagement with attendees. Now with Virtual Events available to everyone and everywhere, you must stand apart from the competition by creating an unforgettable experience for your attendees


Our Swag Packs are the best way to promote your Virtual Event, raise brand awareness by connecting your brand to a tangible and high-quality product and make your event stand out from the competition.


Ideas for how to use Swag Packs as part of your Virtual Event:





Competition is fierce for Virtual Events. Ethical Swag will help you stand apart, build loyalty and gain awareness with fully custom Swag Packs.



Remember your Clients!



Your clients miss you! Keep your brand top of mind. Research show that 80% of Customers Love receiving Swag and 70% wish they received it MORE OFTEN


Show your Clients (and future Clients!) that you care about them without sacrificing your budget and wasting time packing and mailing Swag. Just select which products best fit your needs and leave the rest to us. We’ve got you covered! 






Unify your Team


We have shifted to a work-from-home culture which is fabulous for many, but how do we stay connected while working apart? Here are a few ways to address our lack of human contact:



With more companies adopting “Work from Home” policies, Swag Packs have become a kind and thoughtful solution to connect your team. It’s also a great way to demonstrate your organisations values and culture - with Useful Swag that won’t end up in the landfill!



Custom Design



Don’t have a designer to create a unique artwork for your Swag? Our Design Team will create it for you! After placing your order, we’ll commission our Designers to create a unique artwork, specially for you for a small fee per project. But don’t worry: your Swag will be produced only after your approval of the virtual sample.